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    Giltbridge's multimedia localization services cover multi-language listening translation, dubbing, subtitle production, and video post-production. With our multimedia engineering teams in Shenzhen and Beijing, Giltbridge can help you accomplish multimedia tasks in different types and formats.

    Listening translation

    In listening translation, translators record the video or audio content and then translate them into the target language. With listening translation, complete conference content can be written down and translated at the same time. The rise of listening translation services is attributed to the increasingly extensive international exchanges as well as the advantage of the service itself, that is, minimizing the loss of details. Listening translation is usually required in international conferences and legal proceedings. The accuracy of listening translation is extremely important, for any mistake may cause serious losses or consequences.

    Giltbridge considers the social responsibility of every listening translation personnel as a top priority, does its uttermost to deliver accurate and reliable listening translation services, and brings the advantages of listening translation into full play. Aiming to provide best services, Giltbridge constantly selects excellent listening translation personnel worldwide, and optimizes its business processes and efficiency through experience accumulation and learning. Giltbridge also collects term bases for different industries, ensuring the delivery of professional and accurate listening translation services.

    After development and improvement for over 10 years, Giltbridge now provides listening translation services for 120 languages. Depending on customers' needs, Giltbridge can provide word-by-word listening translation, approximately word-by-word listening translation, or conclusive listening translation services.


    Subtitle production

    Backed by its 20 years of experience in languages, Giltbridge can provide comprehensive solutions for multi-language video production. The services available include dictation, translation, editing, recording, post-production, lip-sync dubbing, and subtitle production. Giltbridge's supported file formats include wmv, wav (multiple encoders/decoders supported), aif, fcp and mp3.

    Giltbridge owns a film and television studio in Shenzhen and Beijing, which can deliver responsive listening translation, voiceover, and subtitling services, and can also offer comprehensive film and television solutions, including marketing campaign designing, film and television production, visual effect production, as well as film and television promotion.