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    Staff Outsourcing


    Staff outsourcing allows enterprises to have a professional and responsive linguistic team with little recruitment and training expenses. It is very cost-effective and flexible, and ensures high information security.


    On-site staff outsourcing

    On-site staff outsourcing is also called on-shore development service. It refers to a document development or language support model in which a language service provider assigns employees to work on customer's site for high information security and communication efficiency. The assigned employees work with the customer closely to provide document development and translation services.

    This model inherits and combines the advantages of traditional translation and localization practices, provides advanced and comprehensive language support solutions for specific customers, and cuts down customers' expenditures in recruiting and training translators, purchasing translation software and hardware, managing projects, dealing with requirement fluctuations, and handling human resource risks. With staff outsourcing, enterprises can have their own on-shore language support teams at low cost, and fulfill their technology and document development schemes at ease.


    Owing to its high efficiency and affordable cost, staff outsourcing has been adopted by more and more enterprises. Especially nowadays, when labor division becomes more and more refined, our marketplace embraces a great flourishment, which requires language support services adapt to the complicated and ever-changing market situations and production requirements. Being a brand-new service model, staff outsourcing has won wide recognition both from enterprise customers and industries.

    Giltbridge has a team of over 100 employees devoted to staff outsourcing services. Based on its past successful experiences, Giltbridge has summarized the following measures to ensure high-quality outsourcing services:

    1. A specialized human resource team is assigned to select qualified translators for out-sourcing projects, and conduct preliminary tests to ensure the translators are with sufficient translation skills and career competencies.

    2. A two-level management system consisting of project managers and on-site project leaders is established to track on-site staff's situations, timely communicate with customers, and improve project efficiency.

    3. Giltbridge assists its customers in daily management on staff performance. It adopts a performance evaluation standard that both relies on and is also independent from customers' feedback, and provides performance guidance to outsourcing staff, constantly meeting customers' requirements.

    4. Team building system: Giltbridge's project managers and on-site project leaders routinely communicate with outsourcing staff, provide sufficient support for their personal and career development needs. They also arrange a complete series of technical trainings, performance communications, and team activities to increase staff's career competencies and satisfactions.

    Off-shore development center (ODC)

    ODC service is an innovative staff outsourcing model designed to help customers improve production efficiency and reduce operation costs. In this model, a service provider provides a dedicated team and place to meet customers' business needs. ODC is a well-accepted and efficient tool that can offer customers with controllable and predictable document development processes.

    Giltbridge has rich experience, a mature management system, and an established team to rapidly address customers' ODC requirements. It can take advantages of its professional translation resources, affordable costs, and high delivery quality to help customers achieve more successes during localization and globalization.

    Giltbridge can build and manage an ODC for every customer, or employs a build-operate-transfer (BOT) pattern to provide efficient language services.


    By far, Giltbridge has had three ODCs in operation and accumulated rich management experience and professional skills through them. Giltbridge wants to become customers' extended team and build ODCs for customers on demand. With efficient talent management, well-balanced cost structure, high process visibility, strict information security protection, and great localization and globalization support, Giltbridge provides stable and high-quality off-shore translation services for its customers.

    Giltbridge's unique labor cost advantages and excellent delivery capabilities allow its ODCs to effectively support customers' product development. By closely cooperating and growing together with their customers, Giltbridge's ODCs realize constant improvements in quality and productivity.

    Giltbridge pays close attention to the protection of customers' intellectual property and data, and takes various measures to ensure information security:

    Sign non-disclosure agreements with customers.

    Set up physical isolation and network control for all ODC locations, including door access systems, security protection systems, equipment rooms, and personnel entry/exit checks. More physical protection measures can be taken if customers have stricter information security requirements.

    Conduct background checks, periodic security trainings, and NDA signing for ODC employees to enhance their information security awareness and responsibilities.