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    Giltbridge, a multi-lingual service provider specialized in the information and technology field.
    We provide a wide and professional language service portfolio that includes 

    translation, interpretation, localization, outsourcing, audiovisual translation, and overall content solutions.    

    Core competencies

    With our professional linguist and technical expert resources, abundant project experience, mass language assets, and advanced tool capabilities, 

    Giltbridge has been keeping sharp competitiveness in the global language market.    

    Linguist & technical expert resources

    Giltbridge has a history of more than 20 years and now owns nearly 200 full-time linguistic and technical experts who have 5 to 10 years of experience in their specific fields. Our experts not only obtain excellent translation skills but also profound technical comprehension capabilities.    

    Professional project management

    Our experienced project management teams and highly educated and specialized full-time linguists all contribute to fast and professional project delivery.

    Abundant terminology & TM bases

    Giltbridge's accumulated translation experience in the telecommunications, life science, energy, and industrial manufacturing fields over the past 20 years allows it to have massive TM and terminology resources, which makes its translations efficient and professional.    

    Proficiency in mainstream CAT tools

    Giltbridge's translation team is proficient in most mainstream CAT tools, including Trados, MemoQ, WordFast, and Across, allowing its translators to work with customers seamlessly.