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    IT Medical Energy Mechanical




    The energy and resources industry covers a wide range of segments, including petroleum, natural gas, electricity, gas supply, and mining. It is a fundamental industry in China, and occupies nearly one quarter of China's GDP. 

    From 2005 to 2014, the growth rate of China's gasoline consumption maintained at 45%. Though the overall economic development was slowed down, in 2014, the incremental gasoline consumption demands in China occupied 25% of those in the world. As the "nuclear renaissance" is going well worldwide and many countries keep investing in their nuclear power generation capacities, driven by market demands, capitals, and technologies, the nuclear power market is enjoying a promising future. The launch of China’s carbon emission trading market is tapping into great opportunities in China’s carbon market. The construction of smart grids and reformation of China's electric power market are reshaping China's electric power industry. The international M&A of electric power enterprises will stay active, and renewable energy assets will be the M&A emphasis. All these challenges will certainly bring about huge translation service demands.



    Giltbridge collaborates with a great number of technical and linguistic experts in the energy and resource fields, and has established long-term strategic cooperation with many energy and power companies. It can deliver translation services for all kinds of projects during every production phase in the energy field. With its professional document translations and solutions, Giltbridge helps energy and resource enterprises, including conventional power plants, nuclear power stations, natural gas storage and transmission projects, and mines, cope with market changes, technological challenges, as well as political and economical pressure. Giltbridge can provide full lifecycle translation and localization services from bidding, project design, installation, commissioning, production, operation, repair, to maintenance.

    Giltbridge is an expert in translating:

    Bidding documents

    Legal documents

    Technical specifications and standards

    Technical training materials

    Industrial reports

    Exhibition, marketing, and sales materials

    Equipment installation, operation & maintenance guides

    Patent applications and questionnaires