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    IT Medical Energy Mechanical




    The market scale of medical services in China is huge, and driven by such factors as aging population, urbanization, economic development, and mature medical insurance system, the market is still growing at a rapid speed. In the past nine years, China's medical service consumption has increased at a compound growth rate of 17.2%. However, compared with developed countries where the medical service expenditures occupy 7.7% of the total Gross National Product (GNP), the medical service expenditures in China only occupy 5.6% of GNP. Considering the huge population and consumption demands, the medical service market in China still has great potential. 


    Whether in the medical equipment or clinical experiment field, Giltbridge has accumulated rich translation experience and formed a professional team. Giltbridge keeps pace with these rapidly developing fields, and with its expertise and capabilities, Giltbridge is well recognized by its customers and by the industry. Giltbridge helps its customers address localization issues in the pharmaceutical, medical equipment, and medical service fields, meet target market regulations and requirements, and achieve great results in the global market.

    Giltbridge is an expert in translating:

    Installation, operation, and maintenance manuals

    Marketing & contract documents

    Clinical reports

    Medical software localization

    Online help

    Medical patent applications and questionnaires

    Medical research reports

    Medical data

    Diagnosis reports

    Technical specifications and standards