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    IT Medical Energy Mechanical





    Nowadays, the telecom industry is witnessing unprecedented changes and growth: Emerging technologies and products are developing at an explosive speed. Traditional carrier businesses have reached a saturated stage. 4G technology has become mature and well accepted, while 5G technology is expected to come in the close future. Mobile Internet brings about new innovations and transits, and provides driving forces for new products, services, and business forms. Innovative services such as Internet of Vehicles (IoV) and Internet of Things (IoT) are reshaping our lifestyles and working patterns. Smart terminals and appliances make smart manufacturing possible. Cloud computing and big data provide technological basis for future-oriented inventions and platforms. At the same time, the protection on infrastructures and information resources has also become an important strategy for every one participating in the network. 


    Over the past 20 years, Giltbridge has been devoted to providing translation services and support for enterprises in the telecom industry, helping its customers capture every precious market opportunity. To keep pace with customers' product updates and iterations, Giltbridge helps customers prepare documents at each stage of product lifecycle, deliver accurate product information, and provide responsive service support. Giltbridge hopes to use its professional services to help its customers win the market.

    Giltbridge is an expert in translating:

    Product overviews

    Technical specifications and standards

    Installation, commissioning, and maintenance guides

    User guides

    Patent applications and questionnaires

    Help files

    Training materials

    Marketing & sales documents