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    IT Medical Energy Mechanical

    Industry Expertise

    Giltbridge's language service team and resource network consists of linguist/technical experts, patent experts, and technical engineers, 

    who provide language services and overall content solutions of more than 40 language pairs in various fields, 

    including information and communication technologies, life science and medicine, energy and resources, as well as automobile and industrial manufacturing. 

    Giltbridge aims to help its clients address all kinds of language requirements arising from their globalization processes.    


    Nowadays,the telecom industry is witnessing unprecedented changes and growth: Emergingtechnologies and products are developing at an explosive speed. Traditionalcarrier businesses have reached a satur


    Themarket scale of medical services in China is huge, and driven by such factorsas aging population, urbanization, economic development, and mature medicalinsurance system, the market is still growing


    Theenergy and resources industry covers a wide range of segments, includingpetroleum, natural gas, electricity, gas supply, and mining. It is afundamental industry in China, and occupies nearly one qu


    WithChina's supply-side structural reform, the automobile and industrialmanufacturing field is confronted with tremendous challenges, includingdeclined consumption needs and decelerated growth rat

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