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    Over the past years, Giltbridge has been providing professional, systematic, and tailored solutions for enterprises and institutions, seeking to establish long-term, win-win cooperative relationships with customers. For such customers, Giltbridge sets up specialized service teams who learn about and get familiar with customers' technologies and products, build language assets together with customers, and keep enhancing Giltbridge's delivery capabilities. It is because of such capabilities that Giltbridge has won the opportunity to cooperate with over 600 customers worldwide.



    As a localization service provider specialized in technical translation, Giltbridge has won long-term and stable cooperation with leading companies in both Chinese and international Information Communications Technology (ICT) industries. These companies include Huawei, Tencent, Baidu, and IMO, for whom Giltbridge provides language and staff outsourcing services. Giltbridge's customers also cover international companies in the energy sector such as China General Nuclear Power Group (CGN), Worldwide Engineering CGNPC AREVA Nuclear Company (WECAN), and Suez Environment, medical giants such as Mindray and SonoScape, and those in the cutting-edge industries such as Han’s Photoelectric Equipment and Kuang-Chi.

    It is an honor for Giltbridge to work with such outstanding companies, providing language support to add values to their products and services. Giltbridge can see a day when its translated product manuals, user guides, and developers' documents help more and more customers win business successes. With its bright brand image, wide scope of services, and high credibility, Giltbridge is the just translation company that customers can rely on.


    User experience

    Giltbridge can provide customers with the following:

    A dedicated project team

    Quality control processes tailored to customers' needs

    Value-for-price language service costs

    Rigorous information security

    Quick responses and punctual delivery despite of different time zones

    Free-of-charge management of language assets

    Giltbridge respects and strictly abides by non-disclosure agreements with customers, and makes every effort to eliminate any possible channel which might leak information physically or through networks. No incident involving information security has occurred at Giltbridge in the past 20 years.