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    Our Story

    歷程-英文.pngOur history

    In May 1997, Giltbridge was established in Shenzhen, a city with adventure and innovation in its genes. At first, Giltbridge could only provide limited translation services. The founder, having a linguistic background, pursued translation with passion and persistence, and his passion and persistence contribute to the company's robust development. Since 2000, Giltbridge has been providing language services for technology giants like Huawei and Qualcomm, and energy companies like China General Nuclear Power Group (CGN) and Suez Environment. With its nearly 200 in-house translators, Giltbridge has grown into a renowned language service provider well recognized by its customers and the market.

    In 2009, Giltbridge's branch office was established in Vancouver, Canada, marking Giltbridge's another step into the global marketplace.

    In 2010, Giltbridge's first affiliated company and second offshore development center (ODC) were established in Nanjing. The Nanjing team now has more than 70 staff members.

    In 2012, Giltbridge restructured its sales team and built an elite localization team, which helps Giltbridge address the increasing demands for localization.

    In 2015, Giltbridge streamlined and reformed its organizational structure and management system. With a flattened structure, Giltbridge's management and business capabilities have reached a new high.

    In 2016, Giltbridge's second affiliated company and third offshore development center (ODC) was established in Chengdu. Along with the setup of Giltbridge's Chengdu translation team, a solid foundation has been laid for Giltbridge's sustainable development and nationwide strategic deployment.

    Our Quality

    Giltbridge's growth has not always been smooth. Giltbridge has experienced hard times due to unexpected market changes, revenue fluctuations, and staff turnover. However, with unshakable confidence in the language service market and consistent insistence on quality deliverables and credibility, Giltbridge's founder and team have overcome these challenges and kept growing into a market leader.

    In 2001, Giltbridge made a big investment in the deployment of SDL Trados 2007 Server, with an aim to enhance both translation quality and efficiency. At that time, the investment was equivalent to several months of Giltbridge's revenue. However, Giltbridge understood that it was essential to elevate its delivery capacity to a higher level. And time has proven that our investment has significantly improved the quality and efficiency of our translated jobs.

    Giltbridge is committed to credibility and has never received any credibility-related complaints in the past 20 years. Giltbridge maintains good collaboration with linguists around the world and enjoys a good reputation in China. Owing to its high reputation and remarkable translation capability, Giltbridge is accredited to be a council member of Translation Association of China.

    Our Dedication

    Despite opportunities elsewhere, Giltbridge has concentrated on translation services, striving to win customers' recognition word by word. During the 20 years after its first establishment, Giltbridge has developed from a small agency providing simple translation services to a professional translation company that has wide areas of expertise. Now Giltbridge can not only provide Chinese/English but also multi-lingual translation services centered on Asian languages. And its service scope has expanded from document translation to interpretation, staff outsourcing, and mult-media translation among others. No matter where the journey has taken us, Giltbridge will keep exploring and forging ahead in the translation world, creating values for our customers around the world.

    In the coming future, Giltbridge will continue providing competitive language support for trade and cultural exchanges across continents. Giltbridge also plans to become a reliable language service provider for more and more foreign companies and help them yield great successes in the China market.