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    Introduction GBT Office F&Q Job



    Linguistic and technical experts

    Having a history of more than 20 years, Giltbridge now owns nearly 2,000 square meters of office area and 200 full-time linguistic and technical experts who have 5 to 10 years of experience in their specific fields. Over the past years, the count of words translated by Giltbridge has exceeded 500 million.

    We have established long-term cooperation with more than 600 professional linguists around the world. Up to date, we can deliver high-quality translation projects for more than 40 language pairs.

    Account manager and technical support

    Under an "account manager + technical support" mode, Giltbridge's customer service team carefully listens to customers' needs, and then uses cutting-edge technologies to develop best solutions for their business successes. 



    Project management and DTP team

    Giltbridge's project management team can communicate in Chinese, English, and Japanese, contributing to Giltbridge's punctual and quality job delivery across time zones and language pairs. And Giltbridge has more than 30 types of CAT, format conversion, and quality check tools, which help us greatly improve our translation quality and efficiency.

    Our DTP experts in Shenzhen and Nanjing are proficient in all main stream DTP tools,including Ms Office, CorelDraw, FrameMaker, Indesign, and AutoCAD. They ensure our translated works convey the exact layouts as the original documents.