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    Introduction GBT Office F&Q Job


    Giltbridge provides professional, comprehensive, and continuously-optimizing language services for customers around the world.
    With its Globalization, Internationalization, Localization, and Translation services, 

    Giltbridge hopes to help its clients strengthen their competitiveness and capture more opportunities in the global market.    

    Join Us

    As GBT's development booms, we need to recruit talent sharing our vision and values as we endeavor to build a more professional and productive team. 

    As a member of this team, you will add a memorable experience to your professional career.

    Our partners are distributed across China and the world. Join GBT to unleash your language expertise and gain a broader and more flexible space for your own self-development.

    You will definitely find professional recognition and added value with GBT, whether you are looking for professional development as an in-house translator or business opportunities as a freelancer, 


    What's one sentence to best describe Giltbridge?


    Giltbridge is a multi-lingual service provider specialized in the information and technology field.    

    Who are Giltbridge's target customers?


    Giltbridge provides professional language services to individual and enterprise customers all around the world.    

    What service offerings can Giltbridge provide?


    Giltbridge provides a wide and professional language service portfolio that includes translation, interpretation, localization, outsourcing, audiovisual translation, and overall content solutions.    

    How many offices do Giltbridge have?


    Giltbridge has three offices, which are located in Shenzhen, Nanjing, and Chengdu and staffed with nearly 200 full-time employees.    

    What is the minimum diploma qualification required of Giltbridge's translators?


    Our translators must at least have a bachelor's degree and a TEM-8 (for English majors) or CET-6 (for non-English majors) certificate. They must also pass our remote and onsite translation tests before being employed.    

    What is Giltbridge's contact information?


    Telephone: 400-809-9001, mailbox: (sales) market@giltbridge.com (HR) hr@giltbridge.com    

    What measures does Giltbridge take to ensure high translation quality?


    Giltbridge has a professional translation team, an experienced project management team, an efficient process, and a powerful tool capability. All these contribute to Giltbridge's high delivery quality.    

    Can Giltbridge offer free trial translation service?


    Yes, Giltbridge can offer a free trial translation with a length no more than 500 words for customers who have long-term cooperation intention with us.    

    How do I estimate the time required to translate a document?


    The daily capacity of a translator is 2000 to 3000 words, depending on the document's difficulty level. The daily capacity of an editor is double of that of a translator, which is 5000 words. A DTP engineer needs several hours to days to process a document. Generally speaking, we'll require two to three work days to translate a 5000-word document. But please note that every translation project has its unique characteristics and requirements, so you are recommended to communicate with your Giltbridge account manager for detailed project schedule.

    Being a client, what information should I provide to help improve my LSP's translation quality?


    Clear and concise translation requirements are the basis for an LSP to provide high-quality translations. We appreciate if the client can clarify the following requirements: Does the document need to be literally, freely, or creatively translated? Are there a style guide, TM, and glossary available? Are there special requirements on document layout? etc. High translation quality is not a sole responsibility of an LSP, but resulted from the joint efforts of both the LSP and its clients.

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